Life Clinic NG is set to be African’s number one health care promotion platform dedicated to promoting health for all and improving the quality of life for every young person through pear to pear health training and advocacy.

We are an online Health Centre design to Share information on healthy lifestyle and daily living towards promoting a healthier, happier society for all Africans

Join us in a join to a happier and healthier life.

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The online clinic work in collaboration with various partners to provide services in

✅Medical Consulting



✅Public Health


✅Mental Health


✅First Aid

In various parts of Africa and the World.

Some of our First programs include

1. Community Health Awareness campaign

2. Fruit Eating Challenges

3. 7 days meditation for Focus and relaxation

4. Weight loss Challenge

5. Guide to Yoga and Mindfulness

6. Routine Full body Checkup

7. Mental health Workshops

In line with SDG goals 3, 6 and 17..

Welcome to a Better Life with Life Clinic NG

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To partner with us contact Sct Omojefe K.O. 08067566448

let us build a healthier future together.

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Life Clinic NG Health and Wellness

We are an online Health Centre designed to Share information on healthy lifestyles and programs towards promoting a healthier and happier society for all.